Surely, this indicates they have definately pulled out - but again, wouldn't you after all these months of waiting !!!!!! Its high-tech environmentally-friendly refrigeration facilities, as well as the ultra-modern workplaces absolutely ensure the proper refrigeration of the products at all points of the cold chain, from the logistics centre to all stores. Managed competition of this type will hopefully produce benefits for the consumer and impel complacent businesses to smarten up their act. Cheers We operate a chain of successful discount food stores expanding strongly throughout Europe and beyond. staff in uniform seen beside their private vehicles.It could be on for tomorrow!! This in turn contributes to enhanced energy performance and by extension to the company’s profitability. To view the full site please click here, Visit Cyprus Eastern Forum - Full Version. 02/09/2010 Had a starring role! :lol: It would appear that the Lidl colours have been removed from the store in Parilimni. If the proletariat can exercise their economic muscle on grocery cartels, what next .... property developers, lawyers, banks ? Does the link have an English translation ? Airport Car Parking Car Dealers: Sales New & Used What a mystery!!! As i like Lidls, If so can anyone tell me where it is. Cheers :wink: In reply to the original post - Lidl in Paphos is usually open on Sundays. Even allowing for transport costs and a proportion of goods sourced locally, there is the probability of predatory pricing at the launch to encourage people to visit their stores and entice them with regular 'special offers' ..... in other words, normal retail marketing practice. Of course large cavernous type stores like Primark Manchester or Liverpool you can nearly spend ALL day in I know cause apart from lunch I did it along with two friends :roll: Greek is all very well, but what about the second official language of the Island? Go in these huge stores and they are busy always, with queues etc, designer OUTLET Malls another shopping joy at near 70% off normal designer prices always busy huge areas of cut price everything even chocolate :shock: Designer Malls with high prices quite quiet. How long people queued up outside before opening time to get their specials :cry: Specifically, its 20,800 m² area has been increased in capacity by 64%, to 33,393 m². During the 1990s, Lidl began opening up stores outside of Germany, and today it has a brand presence in 30 countries. I was glad that we now have paper recycling in Cyprus, since there have been a vast number of advertising brochures recently. When I lived in Mounts Bay Cornwall, the biggest talking point about the Lidls after it opened was the way their zillion megawatt car park floodlights blinded you to the stars in the night sky and were the most prominent feature on the horizon all round the bay. did you really mean "burp"? I always believed a link between the 2 discounters was an urban myth. As i like Lidls, If so can anyone tell me where it is. :lol: Just KNEW he couldn't make it three!! I think that's why Carrefour and Orphanides produce bi-lingual promotional material to reach by Greek and English speaking members of the community. Although fluency in written and spoken Greek will naturally vary within the British ex-pat population, it would make commercial sense for LIDL to get on the linguistic wavelengths of their likely customer base. When I asked why he said he had no idea. This paid placement is 48 weeks long and gives you a comprehensive view of the business, through working at a regional operations centre and in Lidl… Lidl are fighting it but for now the building on the paphos store has been halted and I imagine the same goes for any other Lidl shops which are in the process of being built. We even took a photo to show the kids when we came back to the UK. Campbell. All of our employees – whether in the national headquarters, the logistic center in , or the stores – are united by their shared values and their aspiration to make Lidl Cyprus better every day. The car park in Aradippou was even full last night well after closing hours :-), Two weeks ago the large Lidl sign outside the Paralimni branch was uncovered. Me having missed it! Today, Lidl is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe. Well done Spurs....Will I see you at the opening? Wear a Spurs top so I can recognise you. 'It's ok for us to do it but newcomers to the market are simply not allowed to join the club.' Lidl in Cyprus in General ... 11/6/10 and i see many lidl leflets in the mail boxes i rush home to see if i had one but i did not so i guess lidl's has open or will open in the next few days. we can only hope that free and fair competition is the order of the day. And I think I would know if my friend would have been told his job will be terminated as they are liquidating the company. After all that does any one know when it's opening???? Halle flippin lujah :roll: :roll: Now at least we can start talking about the most important thing PRICES :lol: Life as we know it will change :shock: .........I,m kidding right?. But although cheap clothes etc appeal, there is a price to be paid enviromentally and local farmers may find themselves worse off. People will make their own judgement about the effect of Sunday trading on family life and the loss of discretionary personal time for retail staff resulting from coercive contracts of employment. LIDL: The constellation of 10! It's a laff 'innit? I'll pop along about 1pm . It is operating in the field of Cyprus Distributors that would be good but dont you think its a bit close as there is one in paralimni ... anyone know what is going up there behind the long white fencing ???? The first Lidl stores were opened in 1973 and by the 1980s Lidl was a household name throughout Germany. Specifically, its 20,800 m² area has been increased in capacity by 64%, to 33,393 m². In the maddness of wanting everything cheap as possible, there are prices to be paid. If we have this amount of public joy about the opening of a shop, imagine the unbridled euphoria on the day the Title Deeds issue gets resolved ! At the international level, Lidl already meets the international standard in 27 countries. The area has been fenced off. Service Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 20:00, Saturday: 8:00 - 19:00. : .....Maggie Larnaca. :(, Lidl def opening end of oct, so I've been told by someone who has just got a job with them. On saying that i'm looking forward to the opening whenever it is. So, I suspect that the rumors started because of the family ties and Lidl and Aldi got mixed up. LIDL in larnaca now has signs up and a lot of stock in store,they say they are opening in 4 weeks. big bars chocolate-0.55c. LiDL do not do franchises and affiliating to their Greek operation makes perfect business sense. This is incorrect. Happy Shopper baked beans ! And I'm sure there will be some (as in the UK) who will moan about paying for carrier bags, the lack of anyone to pack your shopping or help you with it, the lack of toilet facilities etc. I gather that there was chaos on the first couple of days, when there were special 'opening offers', but - of course - nowhere near sufficient to meet the demand. Another urban myth propagated by the ignorant? outlet.... Data Protection Officer: (For job issues, please do not use this email. The energy management procedures that Lidl Cyprus implements ensure the transparency of all the company’s energy flows and enable us to identify cost-saving possibilities at the stores, in the warehouses, and at the head office. anyone know if there opened and where. (I can appreciate that the other biggies are not happy about Lidl coming here!) Cheers From a marketing perspective, it pays to know the composition of your audience. Αυτό που δεν κοστίζει ακριβά αλλά έχει μεγάλη αξία. The car park has been full of cars, maybe staff being trained, but they still haven't for any signs/logos up yet. Lidl are not linked to Aldi. Two days later this sign was covered up again, (can not believe all the secrecy surrounding the opening of this store). A total of 17 stores, 1 warehouse and the company’s head offices in Cyprus have been certified. 1.5 litre different pop drinks-o.60c At least most of the Cypriot population will be having lunch :lol: Went into Carrefour for the first time in a long while today. Andrew Rosenbaum spoke to … There is corruption and self interest everywhere in the world, it just seems more obvious in Cyprus these days and when it is the consumer and innocent people who get hurt and abused , every little victory is wonderful. I've been wanting to try one of these for ages, so after reading the reviews, I trekked all the way to Paphos only to find both Lidl's had sold out. If nothing else I can say hello to the nice man standing outside to turn everyone away! Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for lidl cyprus and over 2,000,000 other foods at Surely, if it were to be 10.10.10 at 10:10, it would have been announced by now????? харесвания.Το επίσημο Facebook προφίλ της Lidl Κύπρου - Τhe official Lidl Cyprus Facebook page See you all there at five mins to ten then? LIDLS turnover per year is enough to run a small country, I don,t think they get dictated to price wise they would,nt be as successful if they did, and the EU is about free trade, BUT like many huge global enterprises they do stock local produce, they also dictate the prices they pay to suppliers, it will be interesting to see the mark up they put on local produce compared to others. BUT while we are still on the subject LIDL Spain are doing an offer at the moment on a box of 6 red wines (Navarro) for 6 euros :shock: 1 euro per bottle, now this may not be wonderful plonk, BUT its selling, so my sources tell me like hot cakes :lol: Or people parking their cars there instead of on the road. It was announced in the Greek press on Saturday that the all 10 stores will open at 10am on the 10/10/10 !! The cornerstone of our business and the key to our success is simplicity. We live in Limassol. Lidl in General - discussions forum on Cyprus, Angloinfo. Granted, you could change your ways, and live from their ranges, but most would not wish to do that, myself included. LIDL is a Cyprus business located in Aradippou, Larnaca. Marion, I have been told (by two different people) that the building next to Brilliant is going to be an Aldi. LIDL: complete list of store locations, store hours and holiday hours in all states If whoever is responsible for lidl over here is reading this lot they will be rolling around the floor laughing at you lot argueing over them! I can just imagine what the Brits back in the UK would have to say if they found leaflets coming thro' their letterboxes all printed in Urdu because they happen to have a large number of Urdu speakers living in the area! And then being told by someone that it had been open for MONTHS! Just joking :lol: :roll: LiDL will be successful and I feel it will have a marked effect on consumer habits here. :lol: :lol: Strikes me as a place to avoid for at least the first month! Having very happily used a Tefal Actifry for the past 10 years, we found ourselves sorely tempted by the Silvercrest offer, but just couldn't bring ourselves to buy one without peer review. For nearly 10 years now Lidl Cyprus has consistently and practically adhered to its corporate pledge to work for a better tomorrow, with the environment being the main pillar of its Corporate Responsibility programme. :wink: I just passed the store in Aradippou and the car park was full of cars, I also saw about twenty people standing outside the store having a group photo taken, big smiles all round lets see how long the smiles last after the moaning whinging hoards hit them. Chris. Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG (German pronunciation: ; UK: / ˈ l ɪ d əl / LID-əl) is a German international discount supermarket chain that operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States. Priceless PR! But i can't say wether this is true or not, but it's what we were told :? DISCOUNT supermarket chain LiDL yesterday discussed with the media its plans to open stores in Cyprus but held its cards close to its chest when it came to details. :lol: :lol: I'd class that as 3, it was only a miss spelling!!!! Answer 1 of 34: Hi All, Just been reading on this forum that a Lidl Supermarket may be opening in April in Paphos is this correct? Now I know we are very lazy not to learn the language of our adopted homeland(!) As it happens, Aldi in Greece did indeed go belly up. There were many cars near the entrance to the supemarket but no shop signage up at present. Should be opening soon :). And Lidl Cyprus continues to grow! I asked him what was happening and he said they are opening next week probably but no one can go in the car park now. The Lidl on Tomb of the kings is a long way out for those of us who live on the East side of Paphos, so maybe if they open one on Mesogi road we might be bothered to go occassionally, although the one time we went to the one on TOK we were very dissappointed with the range of products. Aldi's name is short for "ALbrecht DIscount". Looks like someone hit a nerve there then. The inauguration was held to mark the completion of the ambitious 28.5 million Euro expansion and upgrading project, which began in 2016, to meet the needs of the consumer public and the increase in the company’s regular product range. If it's like Lidl in the UK, we will be able to talk about: Although I was not a LIDL groupie in the UK, the important thing about their entry into Cyprus is that it should help to erode the 'divine right to rule' attitude that comes across from some retailers. Im sorry to burst most peoples high expectations about LIDL Cyprus, but considering it is a franchaise form Greece as is Carrefour you can bet the prices are a lot higher than other EU states. What was the rationalisation behind this decision? lidl cyprus nutrition facts and nutritional information. Saying that, it is about time there was some serious competition here for the existing supermarkets. And we’re thankful for that – that’s why we’re now giving them even higher salaries. Cheers, Just come back from a trip to Germany,and had to check out LIDL prices.If and its a big if,they do the same in Cyprus it will certainly show everyone how much they have been ripped off.These are just what i remember. I used to work for Aldi in the Uk & was allways lead to believe that Aldi & Lidl were rivals as they were 2 brothers. Just found this, suggesting Saturday 23rd October is new opening date for Lidl. Steve, I believe you! It is an investment of strategic importance which has enabled the company to increase its range by 20% to the benefit of the consumer. I doubt whether the supermarkets can win though as Lidl is massive in europe and the Eu won't stand for price fixing. One of the busier retailers in this area is the Euro shop, the other is now Sports Direct, they know what to do imo and will clean up the shoppers. I shop for clothes when I visit UK or buy new from Ebay, sometimes they come from Hongkong and still work out vastly cheaper even with p&p than buying clothes in Cyprus, thats a fact, the Franchise shops like M&S, Debenhams Next mark double to UK prices, they don,t need to, so until they sell at reasonable prices they can easily be avoided in these days of the internet shopper and cheaper stores with good products, the others will feel the wind blowing thru them. I have heard a rumour that some of the rumours doing the rounds are nothing but rumours. Joanna, A friend of mine is a manager with Lidl Cyprus and they ar definately opening around the October date previously mentioned. Cheers, The unique organisation, state-of-the-art equipment and exemplary coordination of Lidl personnel mean that every product is delivered in special trucks, on time, and in stable cold conditions, to Lidl stores and customers. Bet they didn't expect to get so much resistance from the natives, after all, they are Greek................. sort of. Lidl Cyprus acquires the largest Logistics Centre in Cyprus. The initiative generated a total of €50,000. Not wishing to deflate expectations about the anticipated opening of LIDL, today I was told by a retailer who is not a direct competitor that the company has decided to pull the plug on any store openings in Cyprus and their buildings are being put on the market. Saw a brand new articulated lorry painted in the Lidl livery driving along the highway out of Nicosia today. Subscribe to our newsletter. Starting on 29 October and for as long as stocks lasted, for every purchase of a €6.99 package of Favorina chocolates with a plush toy, Lidl donated €2 to the outstanding Arodafnousa Palliative Care Centre in Cyprus. He hasn't let us down yet and I don't think he is about to now. Hi Tell us some of… Lidl recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in Cyprus. :lol: but it makes no business sense whatsoever for companies to go to the trouble and expense of producing this material and then delivering it to households who cannot read it! Official opening date 4th November. In general, most places have good customer service, everyone is entitled to an off day. Mick. All road signs being changed now. Leoni, Hi Alan, I doubt it. Relevant emails / resumes sent to this address, are not stored and automatically deleted) If you have any questions about applications, please call 800 94404 (calls only within Cyprus). LIDL - posted on the free Eastern Cyprus Forum. 'Word of mouth' is indeed one of the finest (and cheapest) forms of advertising. The company did not confirm this information and at this stage continues apace, the training of personnel while preparing for its advertising campaign that will run in the coming days. Larry please go ahead and chose which lot your a part of, or be both lots if you so choose! :lol: Today, the Schwarz Group is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe. We are a successful chain of grocery stores trading in more than 26 European countries and expanding strongly throughout Europe and beyond. On 18 June 2019, Lidl Cyprus announced the completion of its renovated state-of-the-art logistics centre in the Larnaca Industrial Area, at a ceremony attended by the Minister for Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Georgios Lakkotrypis. Cyprus is a country with a stable economy and a good infrastructure, and it has an attractive market for European companies. :lol: :lol: Salaries posted anonymously by Lidl employees in Cyprus. the 10th of the 10th is a Sunday, are they disregarding the law or are they expecting a good turnout, so, the fine for opening on a Sunday will just look like peanuts to them!!! In fact, I don't have trouble spending money in shops and markets all over the world when travelling and holidaying! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted: evo, Alternatively, you can order by calling free of charge (for calls within Cyprus) our Customer Service Call Centre at 800 944 04. had LIDL come here direct from Germany the prices would in fact be on par as the rest of the EU, where as a franchaise you will probaly see items with about a 25% added on compared to other states due to the franchaise wanting there cut. I've said it before, how can you buy Pepsi at €6/€7 for a 24 slab from Germany (PopLife) when the local stuff is much more-cartel indecent greed thats why. We operate a chain of successful discount food stores expanding strongly throughout Europe and beyond. I went to M & S today in Paralimni and walking past the car park to Lidl, a security guard dressed in black stood there with the car park barriered off. The other supermarkets must be in a state of real panic and trying every trick in the book. :? :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol: About the only item priced sensibly is pork, it is good quality most places, and cheap too. Dunno if they are moving in or out, but the activity was there. They should use you lot for their next ad campaign. Must say I found it very strange that they had planned to open on a Sunday when all the others cannot? The idea of paying over 2 euros for a basic loaf, and not particularly high quality at that, and nearly 2 euros for a bottle of milk, is scandalous. Got a flyer this afternoon from I&K (I think they're in the Famagusta area but written only in Greek :shock:) and although I can't read the writing I can distinguish the numbers, and it appears they will be open on the 10th October between 10.00 and 16.00! :wink: Veering off topic but, I am always amazed when leaflets arrive at our house - in the predominantly British enclave of Ayia Thekla - which are written only in Greek. Why would a company, especially a v. large German company, bend to local (cartel) pressure? The main goal was to add new products, reaching a total of 2,350 SKUs. I tried to rent that field last year for a biz venture aand I was told that it had already gone to a supermarket that was to build this year so it sounds about right. The prices here for basics are ridiculously high, as has been quoted in the newspapers recently, so it might make them start to sit up and take notice. HTH Lidl traces its history back to 1930s, named after Ludwig Lidl. So out of us lot on here who's gonna check out the one in Paralimni tomorrow and let us all know :D. OK I am up for that.Will check out on the way to the market at Oroklini. over LiDL opening here? Thanks Paul as the last big LIDL sign is removed, at 23:59 on 31st March, they will be ready to unveil the REAL sign. Must be the most anticipated opening ever :lol: Hope folks aren't In the early 90's I worked with the Keep Sunday Special Campaign in Cambridge at the time a Private Member's Bill was being progressed through the House of Commons & House of Lords. The prices have already been set, by the other larger supermarkets on this island, the only way round it is more bogof offers, so we shall see Maybe, after all the excitement, there isn't going to be a 'big opening'; we'll just drive past one morning and it will be! saw the advert too but they didnt mention anything about when they open. 1 salaries for 1 jobs at Lidl in Cyprus. Could still be doing the rounds then, Discount 10 for toiletries, chocolate etc., local fruit and veg markets/ butchers and a supermarket if absolutely necessary. 1litre milk 0.49c Lidl Cyprus.133 хил. Exercise your right to show empathy with those desparate people here frothing at the mouth waiting for another shop to open and visit a proper supermarket in the UK such as Tesco. You would expect to have differing items stocked here than in the UK and they have brought on board many local producers, making goods to their quality standards and pricing levels. Lidl is proud of our humble beginnings. Why will Cyprus be different? Lidl in Cyprus Yesterday, Richard returned from a day's sailing with a bag, stapled closed, which he had been given on the sea-front in Larnaka: Apparently there is a new Lidl supermarket opening (or perhaps opened already) in Aradippou, not far from Larnaka. I know it's sad :lol: we heard that Lidls are also opening next door to Brilliant apartments on the main road in Prot. I love all this nonsense! In actual fact it's started to happen! Cheap good quality consumerism is the new way of life and these types of discount everything have taken over in many EU countries for example in the UK its the likes of Superdrug, WH Smiths, Boots that close down on most high streets and Poundland/Stretcher 99P land Wilcos or whatever that are now dominating. Campbell. In 1973, the first modern Lidl store opened in Ludwigshafen (25 miles south of Frankfurt). The two parts of the family are not on good footing with each other and they fight out there arguments through their companies. Oh dear............. we'll soon find out I suppose. The current economic climate is perfect for Lidl to open up stores. It also left a footprint for social initiatives worth more than €50,000, it said. Security guard on duty yesterday keeping cool under the car port canopy. 1kg beef mince 3.50 You old cynic you :wink: I've been wanting to try one of these for ages, so after reading the reviews, I trekked all the way to Paphos only to find both Lidl's had sold out. According to latest information, the German chain that hopes to significantly alter the map of Cyprus retailer will open 10 stores on October 10, 2010 Time 10am.