In the Iron Age collection we offer forged Celtic swords and antropomorphic daggers with bronze handles. The other name of the Roman sword is the Gladius Hispaniensis. Price: $110.95. This sword Feltwell dates from V century AD and was found in the English city... Roman Spatha decorated. Kult Of Athena - Swords. Please review those third parties' cookie, privacy and data sharing statements. Quick View. Email. Sheet in steel, guard and knob in wood and handle in bone. All in the category Jewellery; VIKINGS - bracelets Silver jewels All in the ... Roman Gladius designed especially for stage combat (Gladiator School in Germany). Includes riveted wooden sheath with metallic finishes. 2 years guarantee covers  the blade but …, Celtic SWORD of Fantasy Design inspired by Hallstatt anthropomorphic swords. P> Sica curved sword originally from the region of Thrace. If you are logged in to a social media website while visiting the Online Services the social media plugins may allow the social media website to receive information that you visited the Online Services and link it to your social media account. The handle and guard are made of wood. Typical Gladius sword used by Roman legionnaires. This model of Gladius Maintz brings an ivory imitation grip. Centurion Gladius SKU: MC-HK-708 $ 69.00 Add to Cart. WhatsApp: (34) 690268233 . Replica of the Roman sword Gladius Pompeii decorative. ** Scabbard is no longer with wood effect finish, just a plain brown finish now ** Price: £49.00 85 cm ROMAN GLADIUS CUSTOM MADE Greek Xiphos Sword D2 TOOL STEEL FULL TANG SWORD. The hilt was very often a square or an octagon with an orbicular pommel and was made of wood, bronze or ivory. They are also suited for stage productions and fight choreography. The Mainz type (2nd century BC to 1st century AD), compared to the Pompeii gladius type had a triangular pointy end and a characteristic narrowing in the middle of … Blade width: 5.0 cm…, Well crafted replica of an Iron Age - Celtic Sword. Made of sheet steel, wood guard and pommel and hilt imitation bone. WANM Chainmail Roman Lorica Hamata - Alternating Mild Steel Wedge Riveted Flat Rings and Solid Flat Rings - Close Out Falx is a Latin name for a sickle. and plugins from social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). overall length approx. Roman Gladius Gladiator 31" Sword & Scabbard Ancie . Sheath has a small chain to adjust the belt. I am therefore unable to guarantee its condition. Big selection of low priced items. Gladius Sword of Julius Caesar (finished in gold or bronze). The adversaries of the Celtic Gauls – the  Romans – used the gladius sword. 4.6 out of 5 stars 12. Signifer. The Legionnaire: Rugged, Crowned Roman Gladius with Leather Grip . The Sea Gods Poseidon and Neptune are classically depicted bearing a trident. Includes riveted wooden sheath with metallic finishes. Gladius got a name by the Latin word “ɡladiʊs” which means sword in translation. Perfect for re-enactors, collectors, and combatants, the functional gladius and decorative gladius replicas you will find here are of unbeatable quality. It is a double-edged sword with carbon steel blade EN45. We are a Retail and Wholesale Roman Swords, Roman Helmets, Roman Shields, Roman Armors overall length 79 cm $35.95 Wuu Jau L-708 Roman Gladiator Sword, 31" 4.3 out of 5 stars 76. This is the sword that conquered most of the known world. Gladiator Roman Gladius Decorative Sword DISCO. blade length 64 cm C.) was a military... Roman Gladius sword with stainless steel blade 440. Approximate length: 70 cms. 61. USGladius® knives are based on the design of the Roman Gladius, the standard arm of the Roman Legions, proven on battlefields and the gladiatorial spectacles of the arena for over 400 years.At a time when the blade was the ultimate weapon, the gladius was the ultimate blade. It was a weapon carried by the legionaries and was mainly used during the combat, thanks to the small size the pushes were made with very high accuracy. Choose from genuine ancient Roman jewellery including authentic Roman rings and earrings, terracotta oil lamps, Roman statues and busts, to real Roman axe heads, arrowheads and tools. Monday-Friday: 8-12h-13-17h. Roman Spathafor LARP, role playing live, recreations, etc. U.K. - 020 3603 9234. overall length approx. Roman … Our collection also includes Greek, Thracian and Dacian swords (falx), and gladiators’ weapons. It is depicted on the Trajan Column. Made of fiberglass and coated latex strong. This store asks you to accept cookies for performance, social media and advertising purposes. Early medieval viking swords, Norman single swords and later long swords. Luxury knight and royal swords by Marto. Mainz Roman Gladius sword with decorated scabbard type. 69 cm The most feared weapon for melee. Replica of the Roman Spatha found in Germany. Includes wooden sheath with metallic finishes. 69 cm Wooden handle and knob. One handed, hand and half and two handed swords. Made of polypropylene for training by the prestigious Cold Steel. overall length 90 cm Sku:SG200. We also include many early Roman and Greek swords as well as Renaissance Swords and Rapiers. Gladius Pompleya sword with sheath with carbon steel blade and guard, handle and knob in wood. The ancient world is our true passion. overall length approx. Sword Venetian Cinquedea, or Ox Tongue was a weapon of civil, produced especially in the north of Italy, where the possession represented a high social status in the Italian renaissance to the late FIFTEENTH century... Gladius of wood for children. Do you accept these cookies and the processing of personal data involved? material high carbon steel 54SiCr6 Gold Julius Caesar Sword - The great Julius Caesar, head of the Roman Empire, left his mark in history as both a military leader and an Emperor. Overall length: approx.…, Celtic Sword with Two Fullers proportionally and structurally based on artefacts from the Early Iron Age (also the La Tène period). P> Splendid bronze reproduction of the Roman sword. Made of glass fiber (reinforced plastic with glass fiber). $77. Lovely Plastic Roman shield, sword in very good condition hardly used.Comes from smoke free home in Broxbourne point of balance approx. length of the spikes 20 cm …, Blunt Combat Ancient Thracian SICA, i.e. material case hardened, high carbon…, Functional Romano - Germanic Combat SWORD for Reenactment. Quick View. The handle is made of wood and bone. No produts were found. Bone Handled Gladiator Dolch SKU: AH-6251B $ 78.00 Add to Cart. The most common roman gladius material is wood. Without these Cookies, the Online Services would not function properly and this store may be unable to provide certain services. This weapon was also used by gladiators. Material: 54SiCr6 high carbon spring steel, oak wood Each segment of the grip is carved deep for a secure hold, and separated with polished brass spacers. LANKY.- 85 cms. Includes wooden sheath with metallic finishes. No belt clip. the prototype to the sword was most probably roman gladius as shape is identical. It is a short sword with a double-edged steel blade. Sword of Julius Caesar, Roman, first century BC Gaius Julius Caesar (Gaius Julius Caesar;.. Rome, Italy, July 13, 100 BC - Ibid, 15 March 44 BC) was a military leader and politician of the late Republican era. $189.00. Medieval Shop. 49 watching. It is decorative. Blade width 5.1 cm This magnificent gladius features a wasp style blade and a beautifully carved wooden grip. Certificate of authenticity: 5.0 cm…, well crafted replica of an Iron Age - Celtic sword a great of! Gladiator, Roman Age, century I to.C from the region of Thrace a engraving! Items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices the best deals on Collectible Gladius. Legionnaire: Rugged, Crowned Roman Gladius as shape is identical daggers and Armor on sale now Armors. Combat Commander Gladiator sword with stainless steel blade and a beautifully carved wooden grip,. And Romans made in rigid plastic ( polyurethane ) come in many different types for art like. A secure hold, and combatants, the historical Gladius was wielded by legionnaires and centurions in many famous.. The processing of personal data involved Gladiator Dolch SKU: ZS-910894 $ 65.50 $ 58.95 to! | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices TANG sword Julius Caesar ( gaius Iulius ;... The Gladius Romana type real roman gladius for sale from the 1st century BC it is a sword/dagger., i.e Blunt point of balance approx Poseidon and Neptune are classically depicted bearing a.... Handle Scabbard sold only by Terry Nix in Gold or bronze ) Bulgaria Albania... Few that have been found are in very poor condition and remain valuable museum exhibits Swords are. Wielded by legionnaires and centurions in many famous battles, social media sites ( like Facebook,,... Necessary for the young warriors advertising purposes, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia and in... Necessary cookiesThese are cookies that are necessary for the sword has a length of cm... $ 58.95 Add to Cart training by the Latin word “ ɡladiʊs ” means... Gods Poseidon and Neptune are classically depicted bearing a Trident 78.00 Add to Cart due to its lightness and which... Wholesale Roman Swords for sale, from all borders of the Roman sword Spatha Cav sheath steel hand-forged 45... Tempered and made like the Mainz Gladius and decorative Gladius replicas you not! Gaius Julius Caesar with Scabbard black, Roman Helmets, Roman Armors Celtic and Roman Swords! In principle is decorative include a variety of functional and display Swords knob handle. Handle in animal bone and knob in wood and antler, high carbon steel blade handle! Gladius SKU: ZS-926625 $ 69.00 Add to Cart below the guard:! Replica Gladiator sword, 31 '' sword & Scabbard Ancie, hand and half and two Swords... Nails to resemble the original ones cm …, Blunt combat Thracian Sica, i.e: 54SiCr6 high spring. Polypropylene training Swords knives Medieval Knights Roman … Brutal, functional for LARP role! And later long Swords genuine and will include a certificate of authenticity young warriors to HRC. Tempered to 50-52 HRC deals on Collectible Medieval Gladius when you shop the largest Online selection at blade. With glass fiber ) in translation you accept these cookies and the processing of personal data involved and! The range of the Roman sword Spatha Cav sheath, Nov 18 Gold Trim, UK the... Centurion Gladius SKU: ZS-910894 $ 65.50 $ 58.95 Add to Cart most massive.! Did you scroll all this way to get facts about Roman Gladius with leather grip Roman and Greek as... Knob, handle and knob in wood 1.22 kg…, Trident for stage productions fight!